Re: DGScripts?

From: dave mquackquadart (
Date: 03/01/01

>No offense, but if you're having problems with a pre-patched version, you
>have worse problems with patching in stuff.
>The current bpl is not compatible with all the patches. 95% of them will
>fail and you will have serious problems adding in dgscripts, oasis, etc..
>That is why the pre-patched versions are on the site, for those who will
>have difficulty.
>If you have difficulty, email the person who put it togather and ask for
>(I have helped many with the one I put up). If that doesn't work, try the
>list or this one.

I must be bad at explaining myself.  What I was tryign to do was ask for
help with a pre-patched versions.   Where can I find one with the most
recent version of DGscripts ready to compile?
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