Argh! Need help with OLC :-(

From: Shane P. Lee (
Date: 03/02/01

I feel like a newbie here! Maybe I should have flagged this as such...
I started screwing around with the old gedit code (Guild Master editing)
which is similar to the shop code, for those of you that are unfamiliar
with it. I updated it as best I could for Oasis2.0. After fixing most
of the bugs I created while doing this, I _finally_ got it to save
correctly (the first time I tried to save it to disk, it wrote 2.4 megs
of dumb s**t :P).
Now, my problem is the index file. For some reason, it isn't getting
updated right. I can manually add new .gld files to index, and it works
I've been in gdb wracking my brains, but there are no errors at all, so
I must have missed something critical. Can anyone help a poor guy out?


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