From: Tim Yohn (
Date: 03/02/01

> Cxref_files. This line has nothing but two files listed, the
> spacing is perfect in that it matches the spacing of the Objfiles
> which Make does not show any errors in. I can personally find no
> reason at all for there to be a problem. But running Make always
> returns a missing operator fatal error on this last line of Cxref_files.
> Am I brain dead or what? Can anyone offer any tips or advice
> aside from pulling my hair our and staring dumbfounded at the
> screen like a vegitable?


        I ran into this the other night also when compiling the same thing...
if memory serves me correctly it has to do with an extra line between the
CXREF_FILES and the first build target (default: all).  If this doesn't
clear it up check that there are no spaces after the last line of the
CXREF_FILES.  And note, this is a common problem with Makefiles, it would
seem some versions of make are just too dang picky for my liking ;)


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