From: Jared Noble (jnoble@inreach.com)
Date: 03/02/01

I need tips on how to get a Makefile to work.

Basically, I grabbed a copy of Del's upload to the source contriputers
dir on the ftp site. This is circle30bpl17 with various editions patched

I ran ./configure and then cd src and make

The Makefile had a handfull of fetal errors, all of which were missing
operators or dependency problems. I tooled around for a while and
realized that, oh my gosh, it's nothing more then a spacing problem in
the Objfiles and Cxref_files blocks. I was finally able to get
everything fixed but the final line of the Cxref_files. This line has
nothing but two files listed, the spacing is perfect in that it matches
the spacing of the Objfiles which Make does not show any errors in. I
can personally find no reason at all for there to be a problem. But
running Make always returns a missing operator fatal error on this last
line of Cxref_files.

Am I brain dead or what? Can anyone offer any tips or advice aside from
pulling my hair our and staring dumbfounded at the screen like a

Am I brain dead

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