[NEWBIE][CODE] Saving Player Stats

From: flawed (flawed@io.com)
Date: 03/02/01

Im using a stat edit  that allows the players to set a fixed pool of
points. The mud is supposed to set the points to 8, where then the player
can increase the points to a max of 18. Problem is when the player enters
his stats, (or quits passed the editor) and then enters the game, their
stats are all at 25. I spose with the creator and he suggested that
someplace elsewhere in the code that the stats are defaulting to 25. He
suggested finding this and chaning it to 8. I tried this, but it still
didnt work.

Could something in interpreter.c where the stats is located cause this?
Heres what I have:

    if (!d->olc)
      CREATE(d->olc, struct oasis_olc_data, 1);


  case CON_QSTATS:
    if (parse_stats(d, arg)) {

      if(d->olc) free(d->olc);
      save_char(d->character, NOWHERE);

    SEND_TO_Q(class_menu, d);
    SEND_TO_Q("\r\nClass: ", d);

  case CON_QCLASS:
   if ((GET_CLASS(d->character) = parse_class(*arg)) == CLASS_UNDEFINED) {
      SEND_TO_Q("\r\nThat's not a class.\r\nClass: ", d);

    if (GET_PFILEPOS(d->character) < 0)
      GET_PFILEPOS(d->character) = create_entry(GET_NAME(d->character));
    /* Now GET_NAME() will work properly. */

    if (!d->olc)
      CREATE(d->olc, struct oasis_olc_data, 1);

      save_char(d->character, NOWHERE);
      SEND_TO_Q(motd, d);
      SEND_TO_Q("\r\n\n*** PRESS RETURN: ", d);
      STATE(d) = CON_RMOTD;

Any ideas? The file this stat editor comes from is "statedit.txt"
Its on the ftp site.

Any help, or ideas on where to look is greatly appreciated.

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