Re: [NEWBIE][CODE] Saving Player Stats

From: Jeremy Overbay (
Date: 03/05/01

> Im using a stat edit  that allows the players to set a fixed pool of
> points. The mud is supposed to set the points to 8, where then the player
> can increase the points to a max of 18. Problem is when the player enters
> his stats, (or quits passed the editor) and then enters the game, their
> stats are all at 25. I spose with the creator and he suggested that
> someplace elsewhere in the code that the stats are defaulting to 25. He
> suggested finding this and chaning it to 8. I tried this, but it still
> didnt work.
> Could something in interpreter.c where the stats is located cause this?

I am running into the very same works fine if you go from the
qclass state to the qstat state them rmotd. but if you go from race to stat
to class it gives all 25's. Sucks.

if anyone has an idea on this one...I would greatly appreciate it.


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