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Date: 03/08/01

Da' Kool Cat wrote:

>   What are people's experiences with giving out imm positions to
> non-players who did something for the mud (such as making a webpage, paying
> for the server, giving a know)?  The newbie imms don't know how
> the mud works, the dos and don'ts, what's accepted, etc.
>   Recently our mud was screwed up balance-wise because the guy who was
> paying for it didn't know as much as he pretended to when he made "code
> changes", among other things which I won't get into here.  Currently we're
> being hosted by a long-time respected player, and everything is moving
> smooth (but slowly, long story ;).
>   Anyway, are newbie imms a good thing?  Have you found that players make
> better imms, or do you end up with cheaters and a lazy staff?

On PhoenixMUD we require people to build if they want an imm.  To make it
into the upper imm levels will take at least a year of dedicated work.
(hey, we are 5 years old)  Here is our set of rules that our imms must

                           THE IMMORTAL HANDBOOK

   These are the immortal rules.  They apply to everyone level 123 and
under unless specifically informed and GODLOG'ed otherwise.  Failure to
follow will result in demotion, purge, or deletion as the offense warrants.

1. Don't log in your mortal characters at the same time as your immortals.
   Don't even have them logged partially in (like at the name prompt).
   Don't use your immortal to check the location of an object or mob and
   then immediately log in your mortal to use the information.  Don't use
   your builder's port immortal for tracing the steps your mortal is
   following.  While you are encouraged to review all the zones on the
   builder's port for ideas,  using it for personal gain of your mortal is
   seriously frowned  upon.  You may log out your immortal and immediately
   log in your mortal to take part in a quest or auction.

2. Don't assist mortals in any way except as follows (this includes your
   own).  You may give general directions to newbie areas (not
   step-by-step).  If someone wants more specific information feel free
   to direct them to one of the player contributed webpages, accessible
   from the Phoenix homepage.  If the situation is really desperate, you
   may help a player retrieve his corpse if NO ONE else can or is
   willing to do it.  You should extract a payment in the form of one
   or two pieces of good equipment.  Please report anything you do along
   these lines using the GODLOG command.

3. Do not attack mobs, do not make them attack, do not give them
   equipment, do not take equipment away from them.  You may restock
   the baker if he runs out of bread by giving him one of each item he
   has run out of.   You may switch into mobs to add life to the game
   and during quests.
   **** Questors are exempt from the above while running quests.

4. Do not remove or add items to the player's world.  Immediately junk
   anything you load. You have no need for equipment since you are a
   god. If you choose to dress up your character for modesty or decorum
   please use normal equipment with normal stats or blanks with a name,
   not super equipment.  The only exception to this rule are "playtoys"
   olisted in zone 12--but be advised that not all items there are
   playtoys so be careful.

5. Upon reaching immortality you are expected to junk all equipment
   earned as a mortal by removing it all and typing  'at 3030 drop all'.

6. No immortal under level 124 may give a reimbursement.  If a player asks
   for one, tell them reimbursements are against policy and refer them
   to the policy statement.  If they feel they should be an exception
   refer them to an imp or H-imp.  If asked by 124 or higher to fix for
   the player, then it must be GODLOG'ed and 20 objects reasonable for
   the level of the player is the maximum.   The clan item is not
   counted as an object for a clanmember.  A clan item is the only
   item that may be loaded at any time by the request of the Clan Leader.

7. Quest prizes should be reasonable for the difficulty of the quest and
   the level of the player.  Quest points should be awarded to successful
   quest winners in ALL cases, unless something else is otherwise
   pre-approved by a level 124 or higher.  (Note: ALL cases, and if
   pre-approved then it must be GODLOG'ed.)
   ***   As of 16 April 1999, the maximum of  7 questpoints may be given
   out for any quest unless preapproved beforehand by Imp or above and
   that is 3 winner, 2 second and 1 to third -- 1 extra is given as a
   bonus potential for award in special cases, such as excellent

8. Any quest that puts players below level 17 in mortal danger unwillingly
   is not to be run in Heliopolis or any zone designated as low level in
   the areas list. This means NO BATTLE QUESTS in central hometown cities
   or where newbies connect!!!! The quests need to a take into account
   that all participants should be willing volunteers and not innocent
   bystanders without some form of protection for them.

9. Other immortals are not to interfere with a quest being run by "saving"
   participant mortals unless said mortals are very low level (1 to 5) or
   the quest is being run in an inappropriate zone  (if in inappropriate
   zone the quest should be tactfully terminated).

10. Immortals who are immortals on other MUDs may not solicit
    players/builders/coders/etc. from among the PhoenixMUD player base
    or immortals.

11. Immortals of any level are required to keep up with current Phoenix
    MUD information by reading all boards, checking news, and reading

12. The decisions of any immortal level 124 and below may be appealed to a
    higher level but be advised that positions are based on productivity,
    trust, and common sense of each immortal.  Decisions are based on
    experience and authority and will normally be considered final.  After
    appeal, the will of the level 125 prevails.

These rules may change at any time.  Changes will generally be posted to
the immortal board or listed on the imotd but you should probably come
back and check this handbook from time to time.

All immortals are encouraged to be actively involved in the improvement of
the mud for betterment of the mud, not personal gain for your mortal.
Running a mud is a very time consuming task.  We could use all the help you
can offer.

Ideas, suggestions, comments, recruitment of new builders and bug/typo
reports are always appreciated. Please post them to the appropriate board.

This set of rules does a very good job of keeping the lower level immortals
in check.  Esp when they know the rules will be enforced.

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