[AD] WEBPAGE DESIGNER WANTED Anybody! Everybody... Somebody?

From: Jake Turner (jakehturner@hotmail.com)
Date: 03/07/01


As the title suggests I am desperately searching for someone to
design and create a web page for my mud, Mercator.  If there is
anyone out there who is fairly experienced at making web sites and
has some free time on there hands please contact me! I will not be
able to give cash rewards but im sure you could be rewarded a
god on the mud which is sure to become huge!

I am planning to open/relaunch the mud soon under the name of Mercator which
is now over 4.5k rooms all of which are original and i have been working on
the code for around 2 years building it up from circle3
patch 15.  However before i can re-launch i need a decent website so
somebody please help! :)

I can be emailed at 'jakehturner@hotmail.com', or you can log onto
the mud using the address below and find me/mud mail me there.

Thank you for your time.

Culhaven (mercator.mudhaven.com:2411)

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