Re: [AD] WEBPAGE DESIGNER WANTED Anybody! Everybody... Somebody?

From: Jeremy (
Date: 03/07/01

>   What are people's experiences with giving out imm positions to
> non-players who did something for the mud (such as making a webpage, paying
> for the server, giving a know)?  The newbie imms don't know how
> the mud works, the dos and don'ts, what's accepted, etc.
>   Recently our mud was screwed up balance-wise because the guy who was
> paying for it didn't know as much as he pretended to when he made "code
> changes", among other things which I won't get into here.  Currently we're
> being hosted by a long-time respected player, and everything is moving
> smooth (but slowly, long story ;).

While my mud is still very much in the development phase, I'm only going
to allow people I know pretty well (either in RL or net) to be imms.

On the other hand, I was made an Imm on a mud I had played for about a
week simply because I could code for them in Delphi.  I am now one of
their chief Law Enforcers :)

Obviously not everyone will act responsibly in an Imm position and I
prefer to get to know people before I put them in a position where they
can really screw things up (or make great changes, as the case may be).

aka Firxen Shadowblade
aka Mythos the Wanderer
aka Graargh the orcish Berzerker

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