Re: How does the fight system work?

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 03/07/01

> Does the players stat i.e str dex etc come into play
> when determining the outcome of each round of the fight.

str, dex, int and possibly wis come into play on chance to hit,
and high strength increases damage, con increases hitpoints,
and cha, as in D&D is useless.

> Also is there any random considerations which would allow
> a level 2 cleric to hit a level 15 warrior occasionally out
> of fluke, but the outcome is of course going to be that the
> warrior would win!

When a character tries to hit, a random number between 1 and 20
is generated, thaco, modifiers, and such are applied to the
roll, and then it is checked against the opponants ac to see
if it hit.  However, if the unmodified random number was a 1,
it is an automatic miss...(the best warriors still miss sometimes),
and a 20 is always a hit (Peasants drag the knights off their horses).

level two cleric would hit a well armored knight only on a natural 20
(1 in 20 odds)
> I wish to include the players stats, luck and situation etc.

Already been done...besides situation

> some code in
> fight.c which checks  the players level against the dam of the
> weapon before
> calculating the fight stuff and then calculating bassed on the
> result( My
> preffered method )
a really high level weapon may have low damage but high bonuses
to stats or hit/damroll, this system would not take that into account.
Use level stat on objects.

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