Re: Mhunt instead of flee command

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 03/07/01

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 10:42:02 -0000 Alex Mann <alex4501@HOTMAIL.COM>

> I want to remove the flee command and allow people to just run away
> from a fight,
I assume you mean use direction commands freely in combat.
>what i want instead is a npc flag [...] which if set on an npc you
>attack will initiate mhunt[...]

If you are using dg_scripts, i would just use scripts, instead of flags,
make a new type of script...say victimgone, which is fired by a call
of victim_mtrigger(ch) in hit()
at the top of hit() add
  if(IN_ROOM(ch) != IN_ROOM(vict))
take the link the the DGscripts site from, and
find out how to make a new trigger as it instructs...(Quite
easy actually)
with some code in victim_mtrigger() to check that its an npc, then if it
has a hunt
mtrigger assigned, fire it.  i'm not sure how you intend to do your hunt
trigger, but
this way you can have several different ones, (huntfast, huntslow,
huntinzone, etc.)
and assign the most appropriate to the hunter mob.

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