Mhunt instead of flee command

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 03/07/01


I want to remove the flee command and allow people to just run away from a
fight, what i want instead is a npc flag which i can set up fine called
huntvict, which if set on an npc you attack will initiate mhunt
(dgscripts7a) and follow the fleeing person.

What I lack the knowledge to do is the following:

In fight code I need to add a check when fighting is started as to wether
the npc has the tag if it does... then set mhunt for the player who iniated
the fight. So that if that player leaves the room the npc will follow.

This will mainly be used for aggressive and higher level npcs who would be
more likely to give chase.

If anyone knows who mhunt works and can answer my questions let me know.

Alex 4445

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