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Date: 03/02/01

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> I went through the archives to see if anyone had similar problems with
> trigedit save (#) crashing the mud. Didnt find anything that was similar
> to my problem. I've included gdb, and a trace. The mud is modified to some
> degree, but I dont see any of the additions I made causing this.
> The dg scripts is pl7.

I was having the same problem until I stopped and looked at what was
happening, (this was with the circlebpl17+oasis+dg7a+hedit+assembly on the
ftp site).  What the issue was is that the trigedit program is automatically
the triggers when you exit out to a file. Therefor when you would do a
trigedit save # command there would be nothing to save and crash.

Fix for this was to just not use trigedit save because it wasn't needed.
To verify this just edit a trigger and look in the .trg file and you should
see that
the changes are saved when you exit trigedit.

Later Paul

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