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Date: 03/05/01

matt wrote:
> Ok, I know this may seem stupid, but I d/l this from the ftp, extracted
> it, then renamed the to conf.f, becuase i am running Win98 w/
> Vc++ 6.0, then created the workspace and project, compiled and it gave
> me errors while compiling, plus linker errors.  I'm either missing
> something or, did something wrong.

The source was built on a linux machine (the readme file stated that), there
were no guarantee's it would work on windows. There are a couple of known
bugs (which you can find in the archives). With this information, I can not
help you more than that as I do not know how to compile in windows.  Read the
documents for all the patches that were included (download them from the ftp
site) and see if there are any known issues with those patches and windows.
Also check the archives as your answers are there for atleast three issues
that I know of.

(Sorry for pointing you in those directions, but I hope those resources can
help you later on when you run across problems)

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