Re: [Code] class restrictions, parse_class, and nanny

From: Alex Mann (
Date: 03/07/01

>I am at the end of my rope on this one...I am trying to limit classes
>available by race during creation. Which is working very buggily. If a
>player chooses dwarf as race and then selects Ranger as advises
>the player to "Please make a different selection" most of the time.
>Sometimes however it will crash the mud. Especially if you repeatedly
>Ranger over and over. It has varying levels of stability. Sometimes it will
>crash the first time you choose the invalid class...and sometimes you can
>choose the invalid class 12 times or so before it crashes.


I have moved the choice of class into teh game and I now use spec progs to
let people join guilds. This allows me to restrict acces to class much
easier, i have examples of race and sex restrictions

I have a class called adventurer which all players start off as and then i
just set the class after a number of checks with the spec prog.

Hope this helps
Alex 4445

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