Re: How does the fight system work?

From: Sammy (
Date: 03/07/01

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001 11:22:08 -0000, Alex Mann wrote:
>This is a question i have been trying to answer myself but i was wondering
>if anyone out there new.
>If you have 2 players one warrior and one cleric
>you give them exactly the same armor and weapons
>and don't use any spells or skills of any type.
>what determins which will win?


>Does the players stat i.e str dex etc come into play
>when determining the outcome of each round of the fight.

I'm not aware of any str or dex factor in normal combat.  Strength
determines what you can wield, and dex probably affects things like
backstab and other combat skills.

>Also is there any random considerations which would allow
>a level 2 cleric to hit a level 15 warrior occasionally out
>of fluke, but the outcome is of course going to be that the
>warrior would win!

There is randomness and there would be a remote possibility that the
cleric would get a few hits to land.  Given the same armor, weapons,
and stats, the warrior would have a better THAC0, and that would be
the deciding factor in damage dealt.  Of course, the warrior would
have many many more hitpoints and would be able to soak up a lot more

>The reason i am asking these questions is for my quest to improve the fight
>system. My goal is to have a fight system which takes into consideration a
>large number of factors not just the weapons and ac of the players. I wish
>to include the players stats, luck and situation etc.

If you're going to make the simple circle fight system more complex,
you will have to at least take a peak at the fight code.  That would
have answered all your questions better than I can without looking it
up myself.

>I also wish to make weapons level specific but not restrictive. I.e I want
>all players of all levels to be able to use and wield all wepaons.  BUT....
>They won't be able to use them effectively until they reach a required
>level. This could be in the form of an object stat, or simply some code in
>fight.c which checks  the players level against the dam of the weapon before
>calculating the fight stuff and then calculating bassed on the result( My
>preffered method )

That can be pretty difficult for a newbie coder.  I'd suggest starting
with your above ideas and getting more comfortable with the existing
fight code before tackling this.

>If anyone can explain the fight system or answer some of my questions about
>it i would be gratefull.

The code is the best place to find accurate answers.


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