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From: Matt Mow (
Date: 03/09/01

Ok - newbie question here, but I've read everything I can and I'm hoping
someone can help 'cuz I'm getting nowhere.

I've increased the default number of levels from 34 to 100, with imm levels
being 101-104.  I rebuilt the experience tables, saving throws, etc,
everything I could find in class.c

I did a pwipe and logged in.  Just as expected, I'm autowiz'd and taken to
104 so I think it worked.  I get my other coder to log in so I can bring him
up and do the wiz command 'advance <player> 103'

It will only take him to lvl 34 and not any higher.  The server console
(GC) Vinlar has advanced Aldwin to level 103 (from 1)
Aldwin advanced 33 levels to level 34.

Doing a 'levels' as a player shows all 100 levels with exp - so I know it's
being seen.

Doing a 'stat' on him shows the correct exp value for his assigned level (I
tested with levels 35, 60, 101, etc....) according to the new charts I
created, but still only lvl 34 on his stat.

I've been through act.wizard.c (do_advance), class.c (advance_level), and
every other reference I can find to advancing players levels.  I'm sure I've
just missed a simple setting, but I'm not seeing it.

Where did I do wrong?

Thanks in advance,

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