Re: adding levels

From: Del (
Date: 03/09/01

Anders Mikula wrote:
> >I've increased the default number of levels from 34 to 100, with imm levels
> >being 101-104.  I rebuilt the experience tables, saving throws, etc,
> >everything I could find in class.c
> >
> >Where did I do wrong?
> I'm not sure what went wrong, but you can do a "set player level ##" If
> anyone else knows why, and not the quick fix, I'd like to know, too.

Try finding more resources:
read the faq, then read the WTFAQ

Because you would find the answer to your question there:

Also note that the mailing list archive has your answer too,
since it has been answered many times (that's why it's in the
wtfaq = way too frequently asked questions)

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