Re: Moderation and copyover

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/10/01

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> Man, it seems like all this banter about ANA() SANA() and invalid
> schmana will never end! Can't you two take this outside or something?
> Maybe if we called a good promoter, we could sell tickets:P

*supresses the very tempting urge to flame someone for trying to
moderate where he has no business*.  The topic is within the bounds of
discussing CircleMUD, in fact, it discusses the CircleMUD code
directly.  If you don't like it you don't have to read it, ceartainly
there are a number of messages of yours that I don't read (but don't
feel singled out, I don't read a lot of other messages either).

> <OB Circle>
> Here's my mandantory Circle contribution to the list :-)
> I've sent a preliminary file to Erwin containing two patches
> for the old copyover function. If he approves, I should be sending
> it to the FTP site shortly. Since no-one got back to me on suggestions
> for improvements, I've left it alone, save a few minor changes needed
> to port it to bpl17, both stock and ASCII pfiles.
> </OB Circle>

Yeah, I was gonna get back to you on that, only I never was able to find
the time.  Oh well, maybe I'll fix it up later, it's never too late.

Regards, Peter

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