Re: Moderation and copyover

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/11/01

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> Hehehe, I never meant for that to be taken seriously, I just found
> it amusing that the subject was bounced around so much, and so fast.
> It was almost like watching a heavyweight title bout, only no-one
> was going to their corner:-)

*laughs*, okay, I can see the humor in that.  You'll have to forgive me
as I've had some problems (non-CircleMUD related) that have been getting
me on edge lately.

> > If you don't like it you don't have to read it, ceartainly
> > there are a number of messages of yours that I don't read (but don't
> > feel singled out, I don't read a lot of other messages either).
> Oooohhhh, that hurts! I make it a point to read every message with
> your name in the From: line. Well, you and a few others. I learn a lot
> that way, and sometimes you're kind enough to help me with a problem
> or two.

And actually I read _most_ of your posts.  I exagerated to make a point
and I admit I was somewhat disturbed by your post.  I really appreciate
that you regard my posts so highly, it means a lot ot me.

> > "Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> >
> > > <OB Circle>
> > > Here's my mandantory Circle contribution to the list :-)
> > > I've sent a preliminary file to Erwin containing two patches
> > > for the old copyover function. If he approves, I should be sending
> > > it to the FTP site shortly. Since no-one got back to me on suggestions
> > > for improvements, I've left it alone, save a few minor changes needed
> > > to port it to bpl17, both stock and ASCII pfiles.
> > > </OB Circle>
> >
> > Yeah, I was gonna get back to you on that, only I never was able to find
> > the time.  Oh well, maybe I'll fix it up later, it's never too late.
> Yeah, there's always bpl18 :-)

Which is not very far away, heck, it seems like only yesterday when we
were in bpl15.

> p.s. I apologize to everyone who found my post offensive, I only
> meant it in bantering way. It was NOT an attempt to moderate.

Apology accepted.

Regards, Peter

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