Re: Distribution pack?

From: Chris Maniar (
Date: 03/13/01

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Mark Jordaan wrote:

> It's not supposed to be easy! or else every body and his dog would start a mud
> and we would have no one playing on ours ;-) and we'd lose our status
> as being gods and very clever to boot ;-)

And some would even argue that this has already happened :)

There's a topic for discussion - has the portability (it runs on windows
ffs ;)) of CircleMUD been actually detrimental to the community? Has it
become too easy to set up a CircleMUD? (cd circle ; ./configure ; make).
Have we sacrificed quality for easy of use/installation? I know there are
definitely quality CircleMUDs out there, but the poor StockMUDs with "all
the latest patches" certainly outnumber them by a large factor IMHO. This
doesn't happen with say, DikuMUD (granted, thats an extreme example

This isnt a troll, or flamebait... I realise that one of the main tenets
of any good software program is portability, and I always try to stick to
that rule. But, is CircleMUD gone from "by hackers for hackers (who want
to run a mud)" to "by hackers for any joe soap without any coding skills
who wants to run a mud".

Personally, I still can't really decide which is better, so please -
comments? :)

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