Re: Distribution pack?

From: dave mquackquadart (
Date: 03/13/01

>that rule. But, is CircleMUD gone from "by hackers for hackers (who want
>to run a mud)" to "by hackers for any joe soap without any coding skills
>who wants to run a mud".

My slogan is 'By me for people who want to play it'.  I haven't got this
half-baked bullshit elite'est mentality.  If you can make a job easier for
anyone by putting a patch out there DO it.  If you're sad because they're
getting a 'free ride', too bad.  I never thought the goal was to make things
hard, and likewise I never thought it was bad to make things easy.  If you
don't like the abundance of stock muds with the fresh new patches, choose
not to play them, and choose not to whine about them.
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