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From: Chris Maniar (
Date: 03/13/01

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, dave mquackquadart wrote:

> My slogan is 'By me for people who want to play it'.  I haven't got this
> half-baked bullshit elite'est mentality.  If you can make a job easier for

Okay, I will admit my response was slightly elitist, but I wasn't really
meaning to be. "By me for people who want to play it" is a good attitude
to have - I respect it.

However, think of it this way. Joe Soap decides to create a mud. He
downloads a circlemud with patches, compiles it, and runs it. He hasn't
got any original ideas of his own, or if he does, they are relatively
minor. Okay - so what, if his mud isn't any good people wont play it. Now
though, another 50 Joe Soaps come along and do the exact same
thing. Suddenly there's a lot of muds out there that are, and most of them
are nearly the same. The CircleMUD genre gets a reputation of being full
of stockmuds. That can't be good for the community.

Now, I'm not saying this about you - I have no reason to believe that you
do not have great original ideas for your mud. I'm talking about some
people who obviously do *not* have original ideas and are just using a
stockmud. So thats my point - has CircleMUD become so easy that it is a
detriment to the *community*?

> hard, and likewise I never thought it was bad to make things easy.  If you
> don't like the abundance of stock muds with the fresh new patches, choose
> not to play them, and choose not to whine about them.

Its not that simple. If those stock muds are affecting the reputation of
the CircleMUD community as a whole, or affecting how people see my mud in
particular, then it has become a problem.

But this is what I want to discuss - *has* it become a problem? If it has,
why exactly has it? And if you don't think its a problem, maybe you can
try to explain our contrasting opinions?

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