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From: Anton Graham (
Date: 03/13/01

Chris Maniar scrawled the following:

> But this is what I want to discuss - *has* it become a problem? If it has,
> why exactly has it? And if you don't think its a problem, maybe you can
> try to explain our contrasting opinions?

Certainly I have logged on to my share of stock Circles.  Frequently without
so much as a single other player on.  I think that says a lot about what
*players* think of stock muds.  Certainly I started with the stock codebase,
and I have applied a great many patches (Oasis, Hedit, Aedit, XAPobjs, ASCII
pfiles, etc;) and some of my personal mods aren't that great (death code,
rudimentary overhead mapping, colorized act(), PK zones, etc).  But then
again, my mud isn't ready for public consumption.

I've spoken with the other IMMs and builders, and even if I were to say that
I was done coding Etruria and we all agree that we still couldn't open
because most of our zones are still stock.  It's nothing against the
builders of those stock zones, but (IMHO) they aren't meant to really be the
heart of the world of your mud.  They are a good starting point.  A place to
get ideas, examine how mobs do things, learn how various things work.  But
ultimately, your mud needs to be your world, Not the one dak, Alex, and who
knows how many others have been so kind as to put together for us.

Stock muds don't really detract from the Circle community as a whole, but
they serve to illustrate what not to do if you want to be successful with one.

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