From: Robert Masten (
Date: 03/13/01

> Okay I'm looking into totally revamping somethings in my MUD (as
> it's a differant style from your normal Hack and Slash) and one
> of the things I wanted to do was give skills to my NPC's.  Now
> with the discussion going on recently about how this owuld increase
> the memory needed I was wondering if their were any /clean/ ways of
> going about doing this.  I am also planning on making a bunch of
> things apply only to NPCs, is there any structure I can modify that
> will not affect PC's or will I just have to make an IS_PC check?

The last mud I coded for I was able to give a base set of skills to
NPCS without as much of a memory drain... I changed the skills that
I wanted NPCs to use by removing most of the IS_NPC(ch) checks and
gave them a base % of success + the level of the mob.  Then I
modified MOBPROG to allow and execute these modified skills.  And
utilized the MOBPROG % checks if Fighting to execute it's skills.

The current mud I am coding I am going to give skill sets to the mobs
that will actually reside in the #.mob files.  When creating the mob
you will pick 3 skills for it to use (will attempt to use them in that
order during the fight) ex. [headbutt] [bash] [piledriver]
besides it's 2 or 3 (haven't decide which) different style of attacks
ex. [bite] [claw] and make the call checks fight.c and mobact(as needed).

But it might be even better to just sit down and read through the
entire fight.c and mobact.c files... you would be surprised what's in
there and what can be tinkered with... After fully reading thru those
files I decided to rewrite alot of it to utilize a combatspeed system
with combat_waits based on dexterity, base combat speeds for classes,
additional skill sets (ex. sword mastery), weight carried, etc... to
increase and lower your combat_waits per combat round and increased
the internal violence pulse to 1/4 of a second.

What I am saying is... experiment...

As for the IS_PC check ... wouldn't the !IS_NPC or !IS_MOB suffice

Rob Masten
Sys Admin
Fox Racing, INC.

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