Re: Distribution pack?

From: dave mquackquadart (
Date: 03/13/01

>Its not that simple. If those stock muds are affecting the reputation of
>the CircleMUD community as a whole, or affecting how people see my mud in
>particular, then it has become a problem.
>But this is what I want to discuss - *has* it become a problem? If it has,
>why exactly has it? And if you don't think its a problem, maybe you can
>try to explain our contrasting opinions?

Without the patches I'd be lost and would have given up a long time ago.
Patching them in by hand has tought me more about the code than anything
else, and at this point I simply do not have the skill to write alot of this
myself.  I'm not looking for a free ride.  I will do everything in my power
to impliment my ideas.

The increased appearance of circle stock muds popping up everywhere can only
be a good sign community-wise.  Though most of these muds may not succeed,
they're certainly not a drag on the community... and I certainly don't think
they damage circlemuds 'reputation'...

I like cheese.

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