Re: Distribution pack?

From: dave mquackquadart (
Date: 03/13/01

>past email/browser/[irc|mud]-client.  Guess where they turn when they
>have ANY error, regardless of complexity?  It's annoying, and sometimes
>downright disheartening.

I've been a member of the list for a while and I haven't seen any blatantly
stupid questions.. certainly not enough to be disheartening.
If you're truely upset by these things you're a very sensitive guy.

>2. If you use it anyway, and it doesn't work right, consider it an
>opportunity to 'learn how to write C' - just like you say on the list.

Sometimes you can't figure it out on your own.  Sometimes with a few words
from a more experienced programmer it makes sense.  If this isn't the place
to ask questions what is it?

Jumping into circle is tricky, and it can be hard to grasp. Show some damn
compassion, as we're not all as skilled as you.  The mailing list is hardly
the spammed stock-user playhouse you imagine it to be, and if it were only
for people who knew the answer to their questions it'd be pretty quiet
around here.

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