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From: George Greer (
Date: 03/13/01

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, dave mquackquadart wrote:

>>past email/browser/[irc|mud]-client.  Guess where they turn when they
>>have ANY error, regardless of complexity?  It's annoying, and sometimes
>>downright disheartening.
>I've been a member of the list for a while and I haven't seen any blatantly
>stupid questions.. certainly not enough to be disheartening.
>If you're truely upset by these things you're a very sensitive guy.

See the so-called "Newbie Wars" that have occurred two or three times on
the list.  It basically goes like this:

  1) "A" asks a question easily answered by the FAQ, WTFAQ, or code.

  2) "B" (typically long-timer on list) writes a somewhat scathing
     reply along the lines of "RTFM."

  3) A person "C" (generally short-timer on the list) takes offense to the
     terse reply, whether or not "A" deserved it (in whomever's opinion).

  4) Other "experienced" people argue against the "newbies", who
     take offense, turning the list into a rather useless pissing contest.

  5) Various threats to create a new list for "newbies" / "experienced"
     people only. Only once did it ever occur, circle-newbies @ (yahoo now?)
     It doesn't get much traffic. (Yes, I'm on it.)

I tend to ignore the (IMO) "non-researched" questions on the list.  If
someone mails directly to me with such a question, I'll either queue the
message up (sometimes forgetting to answer it for weeks or months) or fire
off a short message of where to find it. Jeremy just bounces them to the
CircleMUD help site.

I'm sure you can find some examples if you search the list archives a bit.

George Greer

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