Re: Distribution pack?

From: dave mquackquadart (
Date: 03/13/01

> > You're twisting my words.  I said that the phrase 'by circle hackers for
> > circle hackers' or whatever was a bs elite'est mentality, and it was.  I
>I don't think it is unreasonable or elitist to expect that someone who
>wants to code a CircleMUD to have experience with the C language. If
>someone wants to use CircleMUD as a tool for learning C, fine, but they
>shouldn't expect help on the C language from this list.

I agree.  Unfortunately, this isn't what happened.  What happened is that he
said circle was origionally 'by hackers for hackers'.  This is what I
attacked as an elitest concept.  Understand?  You're throwing in specifics
that were never there.

> > think that the idea that if a coder doesn't have mastery over a patch he
> > shouldn't be provided support when he encounters problems is
>Just to make it clear - someone who provides a patch has no obligation to
>also provide support for it. Now... if you have a problem with the patch
>or with something implemented by the patch, then thats a valid reason for
>asking the list for help. What is not a valid reason is if you're having a
>problem because you have never learnt C or you don't know a particular
>fundamental concept of the language. I'd say that most of us aren't here

You're fabricating worse-case scenarios which don't apply to my situation.
In any event, the point of this thread has been sort of blurred by all the
debate, and is being mutilated by missinterpretation.  So.. I'm going to
withdraw from futher commenting.

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