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From: George Greer (
Date: 03/13/01

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Axiem j'Terre wrote:

>I'm curious: what is your favotire editor for writing/editing code? As
>well, what editor was the circlemud code written in, for the most part,
>if anything?

I suspect Jeremy used Emacs to write his part.  I use Pico (drived from
micro-emacs), which is powerful enough without tripling the keystrokes
required for an action.

>I've found that things don't quite line up like I'd think they would in some
>cases in some editors, but things move around when viewed with different
>editors. I haven't found one that lines everything up as I assume it should

I avoid using tabs unless it's a line continuation.  It gets rather
disconcerting when I'm removing a level of indent and suddenly I'm deleting
part of the line because it was a tab instead of 8 spaces.

A feature of Pico I don't use: Search & replace
        perl -i -pe 's/foo/bar/;' whatever.c
A feature that would be nice: indent level change function (like vi/emacs)

Other than that, it's quite usable.  It finally has Goto line number
without the "Quit/Pico +123" cycle I'm used to.

>I realize this has almost nothing to do with Circlemud, it's more of a
>discussion of preferred code editor. So I shall include an ObCircle:
>What are some of the nifty improvements that'll be along in bpl18, anyways?

Check the ChangeLog under /pub/CircleMUD/cvs/ in the latest .gz file.

The biggest should be generic_find() and PLR_NOTDEADYET.

George Greer

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