Re: [OT]Editor

From: Alex (
Date: 03/14/01

> I suspect Jeremy used Emacs to write his part.  I use Pico (drived from
> micro-emacs), which is powerful enough without tripling the keystrokes
> required for an action.
Jeremy likes Emacs.  That's for certain.  I personally use 'vi' (or
whichever god-awful implementation 'vi' happens to be linked to on the
linux box at the time, it's been both elvis and vim at varying times).

> I avoid using tabs unless it's a line continuation.  It gets rather
> disconcerting when I'm removing a level of indent and suddenly I'm deleting
> part of the line because it was a tab instead of 8 spaces.
I dislike using tabs whenever possible, especially since the default tab
in emacs appears to be 8 characters, and the default in vi is 4.  Boy do
things start to look funny.


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