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Date: 03/13/01

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Axiem j'Terre wrote:

> I'm curious: what is your favotire [sic] editor for writing/editing
> code? As well, what editor was the circlemud code written in, for the
> most part, if anything?

My personal favorite, vi, is great not only for editing sourcefiles but
also quite effective as a web design tool. If you're interested in fancy
vim syntactical coloration (I'm a vt100 greenscreen guy myself), there's a
good walkthrough to be found at:

> I've found that things don't quite line up like I'd think they would
> in some cases in some editors, but things move around when viewed with
> different editors. I haven't found one that lines everything up as I
> assume it should be.

A great tool for this is Gnu indent and, if not installed on your *NIX
development host already, can be found at:

> What are some of the nifty improvements that'll be along in bpl18,
> anyways?

Well, is a great resource for this sort of information.
Check out:

...and pay close attention to the 'fixed.?00-?99' sections, as one could
come up with a fairly robust changelog from these alone. A real changelog
also resides in:*

Also, frequent (milestone?) builds are available in:

...should you want to dump the revised sources to greenbar for some
late-night recreational reading or possibly even give the updated version
a whirl yourself. Just be sure to peruse the README in this folder first.
Hope that answers your questions.

Seeing as how we've had the 3.0bpl17 release for close to 14 months now, a
new bpl at least gives the casual observer some indication that the
project hasn't been abandoned and is indeed still moving forward. I must
say I'm quite excited myself. Thanks/congratulations to Jeremy, George,
Alex, Daniel and everyone who submitted bug reports, fixes, et cetera.

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