Re: Distribution pack?

From: Mark Jordaan (
Date: 03/14/01

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
>>I'm not exactly an old-timer on this list, but I have been around for
>>longer than a few months. While I have seen a few minor messages on
>>the subject of Zip-MUDs, this is the first time I've seen one get so
>>big so fast.

Well done! Most eloquent.
Seeing as I'm probably the dude that started this whole flame
war thing I thought that it was time to add some for fuel to the fire ;-)

I started off saying that it was not supposed to be easy and I remain on
that point I have over the years( 20 odd)  seen lots of people that want to
program  whether it be work or games but are just to damn lazy or incompetent
to read and or buy a manual.

For this reason the art of programming must remain difficult to keep these
morons out!!    But if you are willing to learn ask questions and read then
i say welcome to the brotherhood brother!

I've been coding for abut 20 years now and i regularly help new people who
are willing to learn. Maybe i'm just the exception ;-) But im really suprised
at the posts by people on this list who it seems couldt be bothered to help
another member of the human race with a problem in his HOBBY cos lets not
forget folks this is NOT BRAIN SURGERY and were not ENDING WORLD HUNGER but
playing at something for FUN

So my suggestion is learn some humanity there will always be people below
you on the ladder of evolution and hundreds of others above you !

How about a random act of kindness and respond to some newbies pleas for
help or if  not just push the damn delete button it wont kill you!!


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