Re: [NEWBIE][CODE] Saving Player Stats **Fix**

From: Jeremy Overbay (
Date: 03/14/01

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> >     /* Now GET_NAME() will work properly. */
> >     init_char(d->character);
> okay take out the above line...and put it in case CON_QRACE right under:
>  GET_RACE(d->character) = load_result;
> that should do it.
> l8r

On further inquiry I have found that doing this will blast your pfiles to
smithereens. The main problem it causes is in the puts in
very strange id numbers and duplicates not more than one or two
new characters can be online at one time. If you log in with a different will knock the other person with the duplicate id num right
off.(This doesn't seem to effect players that were created before the code
change)  So...don't do the above mod. ;} And if you did...ya better put it
back.  I guess this still leaves the question as to how to get the stat
editor to come before class selection and not give all 25's. back to the
drawing board.


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