Re: [NEWBIE] Maybe I am just missing something.

From: Karl Buchner (
Date: 03/14/01

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001 00:27:27 -0800 Rob Masten <Diablo@DEATHWALKER.NET>
> I know this can be done with dg_scripts patch, but I have been really
> avoiding putting in that patch since the code base is highly
> modified and won't be worth the time to hand patch that entire thing.
Get Dg_Events...its a small patch, most of which is contained in a
one .c  I hand patched it to a modified codebase in about 20 mins.
It doesn't rely on much of your just creates lists of events
and decrements them every 1\10 of a sec, then executes a command
at the end.

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