Re: [NEWBIE] Maybe I am just missing something.

From: Rob Masten (
Date: 03/18/01

> I know this can be done with dg_scripts patch, (as all the text pausing
> past posts in the archives have mentioned), but I have been really
> avoiding putting in that patch since the code base is highly modified
> and won't be worth the time to hand patch that entire thing.

Ok, finally broke down an added DG_SCRIPTS, but still can't figure out
how to do what I want to do.  It's a spec_proc, and even with DG scripts
I can't figure out how to call the wait timers without a mobprog (I want
hard code for all my mobs that have more than one or two lines of text
to execute).

So does anyone know of a way to make it appear as the mob is pausing
when telling it's story?   WAIT_STATE won't work, since the player is
initiating the story with commands I can't use the WAIT_STATE on the mob
since ch is the player in this context and I can't figure out how to
pull the mob's struct back in to use WAIT_STATE and do_say instead of

Or has anyone written a function I can 'steal' that does pausing?

This can't be that difficult... what did I miss?

Rob Masten

Thought for Today:
Maybe I need to sleep more and stop pushing the opening day of this mud.

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