Re: disguise

From: Mysidia (
Date: 03/18/01

> Change it to:
>   GET_NAME(ch) = str_dup(GET_NAME(vict));

    Would require one more change than that otherwise he'd get 'mself
a nice memory leak.

[snip snip]

    IMO, if you want a disguise command you're going about it all wrong!
Really, the name field is quite integral, if you want to maintain any
semblance of sanity in the codebase an additional field set only for
disguised players, the displayed name; dup'ed in disguise, freed in
free_char(), etc...

Otherwise to get that working without introducing a number of issues
you'll have to special-case things such as Crash_crashsave,
Crash_delete_file, Valid_Name, perform_dupe_check, probably even

-Mysid the cynic

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