Re: Distribution pack?

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/14/01

"Shane P. Lee" wrote:
> Recieved SIGHUP, SIGTERM, or SIGINT (or something like that), shutting
> down.

Is this the last thing you see in the syslog before the MUD crashes?
That is caused by an external signal being sent to the MUD.  You should
find the line that sends this and throw in tests for each individual
signal, then log which signal is being sent.

> Does anyone know how I can log GDB? Putting log references in the code
> doesn't help, because the game is sleeping sometimes when it happens.

I can't see how the game could possibly crash unaided while sleeping.
I'd say it pretty much _has_ to be getting a signal externally.  You can
log from the signal handler.

> BTW, it deletes the syslog and doesn't leave a core.

Check the log directory to see if hte syslog was simply moved there as it
normally would be by autorun.  Also check the syslog.CRASH file.  It
won't dump core if the signal is properly cought and handled (which it
appears is exactly what's happening).  If you really want a core dump
then you can put a line in the signal handler to force it to dump core
before it exits.

Regards, Peter

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