[IDEA] Turn Based Combat

From: Brian Hartvigsen (hartvigsen@gci.net)
Date: 03/14/01

ReWrite #2

I'm looking to implement Menu driven Turn based Combat.  Basicly I want to
make an Oasis style interface to combat.  The turn based part isn't to
hard..  I'm thinking that a check like:
 if (!IS_READY(ch) || !IS_READY(vict))
at the begining of preform_violence (or is it hit()?) will do the trick..
  My main problem comes to the Menu driven part.  There are a couple things
I want to do differant from Oasis or anyother menu driven system.
1) I want the character to continue to recieve any kind of messages (on a
toggle so they can turn it off if they are gettin spammed or something)
2) Okay never mind just one thing I want differant..

The true problem comes in when I look at how Oasis works (or the Oasis
add-ins like HEDIT)  I don't understand what's going on and don't know
where to start to make something similar.

If anyone has any kind of input on this I would appreciate it..  I am
honestly completely lost here..
Thanx ahead of time!
             Brian Hartvigsen
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