Re: [IDEA] Turn Based Combat

From: Tony Robbins (
Date: 03/15/01

Menu based fighting sounds, to me, pretty interesting.  The biggest problem,
IMHO, is placement.  For example, without using VT100 (or whatever), you
can't make the menu and have the text scroll above it, while the menu
remains in place.

That's not terrible, you just need to replace the prompt, and add a variable
on the descriptor (or char_data, since it's only for in-game use) for a

This will allow people in battle to still appear in the game when fighting,
rather than creating a new CON_xxx state.  CON_xxx states are annoying,
because there are a lot of little intricacies to find in the code (which is
not bad, but most people don't re-read their entire source code when making
1 change).

There needs to be a timer involved, no more than TEN seconds, so that a
player can't sit and make up to 10 other fighters wait on them.  You also
need some way of deciding what order players should get to go in.  Use their
stats for this, etc.  Spellcasters with a quick, easy spell might go early,
while if they cast a more difficult spell they take longer.

Realize that these menus are going to be annoying when J. Random Spammer
walks into the room and starts saying "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US"
(author's note: ugh) over and over again.  Oh, and those menus are going to
slow combat down quite a bit, although they balance out battle for people
with slow connections, but that has become less of a factor these days.
However, your exp tables may need to balance accordingly: one person would
be able to kill substantially fewer creatures in a short amount of time.

You'll probably want a structure of some sort for each 'combat' that holds
data about all the fighters: who will go next, and whatnot, as the linked
list used for the combat loop currently might not be as useful for this.

-k., once more.

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