help please.. reading and saving

From: Its Me Christian (
Date: 03/15/01

Hello, i have got circlemud 3.0 bp 17 with ascii pfile
i was wondering if someone out there would be able to give me an example of
how to save someone to a file called something like hello and then read the
first line of that file and print it on the screen.

I have tried many ways and i have gone through db.c to look for things that
i could you and i have also gone through the mail.c and mail.h for some
things i could use. but nothing seems to work when i put it in and slitly
modify it.

i looked at the ideas code (were you report an idea for the mud) and i got
it to save to a file but i dont think it is possible to open the file in the

Could someone please send me an example of how i could write something to a
file then read a line of the file :)

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