Re: [WORLD] Help with shops

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 03/17/01

Josh Allen wrote:
> There is no sedit command.

Right, sedit is not a stock command, it comes with Oasis OLC.  You can
either edit the files manually as you were doing or install Oasis.

From your prior messages:

> The itemes end
> up in the shopkeeper's inventory but he dosen't sell sell them.

> I'm confused with the Item Name List.  Where would I put a line such the
> following:
> WEAPON [sword &long | warhammer]

Nowhere for selling items.  Items to sell are listed by thier VNUM (see
the building document referenced by Mike Breuer, it explains the  entire
thing very well).  The line you mention above is to specify the types of
objects the shopkeeper will _buy_.  As far as where to place it is
concerned, the building document shows exactly where everything goes, but
you would put it in a list that follows the markups (profit when buying
and profit when selling) and ends with a -1.

Regards, Peter

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