From: Edward Felch (dustlos@hotmail.com)
Date: 03/17/01

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Possible headache beware<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
ok, can anyone help me out with my nice and buggy disguise code?

in utils.h
#define GET_REALNAME(ch)    (IS_NPC(ch) ? \
                            (ch)->player.realname : (ch)->player.realname)

realname is a char* variable exactly like name but called realname

in skill.c in do_disguise relevant parts:
      GET_REALNAME(ch) = GET_NAME(ch);
      GET_NAME(ch) = GET_NAME(vict);

in do_save:

  /* if the player's realname isnt null it means he is disguised */
  if (GET_REALNAME(ch) != NULL) {
     strcpy(GET_NAME(ch), GET_REALNAME(ch));

the result:
 i can disguise as a person, but when i quit and log on or they do weird
things happen, examples:

[   Implementor   ][     ] [110] Dust the Implementor
[   Greater God   ][     ] [109] who the Pilferer

(i quit and the person i disgused as stays on)
[   Greater God   ][     ] [109] рн?: the Pilferer

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