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From: Phillip Tran (
Date: 03/18/01

> brandon wrote:
> >How would I go about making it so the only way a player could learn a
> particular >spell is from an item.
> >IE: Spell book, prayer book, etc.

[snip: rantings from a hard working person from work]
> Disclaimer:  Like i said im doing this at work, not home, so this is
> completly untested!
> can test tonight when i get home brandon if you would like me to...
> Arthur
> RM

[add: rantings from an old codger whose last work was on bpl 13! yes, 13]
Forgive me if I cant be too specific because I am only renewing my
acquaintance with muds, and with bpl17.

I assume you already know how to add new skills, spells etc but found that
players can always prac it if they reach the min level of the spell. You can
do either of the following:-

1. Set min level to be immort and then whenever the char reads a book etc,
you can set their skill (look at the immort command set) to whatever is
desired. Then do what Arthur described except I wouldnt use the
look_at_target command though as I would either prefer using the read
command or make a new command ie. "study". But its just a matter of
semantics. Remember to extract the obj after the command so they cannot
reuse it, unless you want it to be reused. When you create the obj, make
sure one of the values is the spell/skill number (what the heck is the
variable called again?) and the other is the amount % you want the obj to
give in that spell/skill. That way, all you need to do in the "study"
command is: set the skill/spell(obj_value(0)) += obj_value(1); NOTE: When
you set the spell/skill to immort level, it wont show up in the prac
command - this may, or may not be what you want.

2. Notice the bit flags in the spells ie. TO_ROOM, TO_CHAR, etc? Why not add
CANT_PRAC (define it in the same place as TO_ROOM). Then, at the GM
spec_proc (or is it at the do_prac command?), check if the spell has a
bit-flag CANT_PRAC and gm will say "I cannot provide thee with such a
knowledge. Seeketh the Dumb Haggedly Witch of the East!" Of course, you will
still need to add the "study" command. NOTE: You can now set spell/skill at
the desired minumum level and the char can see it.

Sorry I cant be more specific than that. I am still suffering from all that
mudding during uni in the early 90s and am still undergoing counselling.

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