Re: extract_char stuff.

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/18/01

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Mysidia wrote:

>   Oh.. you're actually extracting every beat, so the character
>will only remain for a fraction of a second, and doing everything
>else the same I can't imagine that breaking anything; the only thing
>evil about it is the scroll through the entire player list, needing
>to extract a character is IMO a thing common enough to warrant creation
>of its own list, [...]

If I kept track of a 'prev' pointer, this method would make list removals
even faster than the REMOVE_FROM_LIST macro that is currently used by
extract_char_final.  I decided I didn't want to duplicate that code at the

We used to have:

  O(n) * extractions

Now we have:

  O(n) + O(n) * extractions

We could have (with 'prev' pointer):

  O(n) + O(1) * extractions

>... the cost of that, depends on how many characters there are in the
>game, but it would seem to warrant the tradeoff of adding a variable.

Read my comment in the code:

+ * Q: Why do we leave them on the character_list?
+ * A: Because code doing 'vict = vict->next' would
+ *    get really confused otherwise.

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