Re: extract_char stuff.

From: George Greer (
Date: 03/18/01

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Peter Ajamian wrote:

>You forgot to check extractions_pending before looping through the entire
>player base (you check for an invlid value but you don't check to see if
>it's set).

I didn't forget, check the for(; XXX ;) condition.

>Also, I would move the validity test to right before you extract the
>character.  Test for 0 there, not -1, then you can make
>extractions_pending unsigned (and effectively double its capacity).  See

I didn't want to.  How can you tell whether 4.2 billion is a valid value or
an error? Ok, that's longer than the character_list so you might know based
on that, but then is 5 an error?  With a negative number it's easy to know
it's not supposed to be that.  The loop itself will also never let the
number go negative so I don't need to check there.

I think if you have 2.1 billion characters getting extracted in the same
1/10th of a second you have quite a few problems besides this code.
You'll get the error message, but it'll still extract everybody properly so
there's nothing wrong that'll stick around.

>+    if (extractions_pending)
>+      log("SYSERR: %d less extractions than extractions_pending",

This I could probably do, except I'll need to check for '>= 0' so I don't
warn twice for the same error (or at least try not to).

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