Re: extract_char stuff.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/19/01

        Whoops. Sent a blank message. Guess that's what happens when I
miss my coffee in the morning! ;)

        Funny how close the cancel and send commands are for some
programs.  You'd think people would have put them further away....

        Anyway, not that _my_ personal method is any better or worse, in
fact, I can prove it's a bit slower.  But you know the old saying about
slow and steady...

        I just have my extract_char function move them into a 'to be
extracted' list.  Membership in the extracted list is as clear a sign as a
flag, and it's easy to check for by comparing pointer values.  No actual
referencing of the character data which may or may not have been
invalidated (especially if you have a few people adding new things to your
code daily).

        I use this to perform my mob activity - for example; I generate a
list of all mobs and simply pop the top of the list each time.  If there's
an extraction, they're simply removed from the list.  Either way, we never
reference a 'next' variable, etc.

somewhere I actually posted the patch I made too... extract.patch? i'm not
sure now..


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