Re: [Long] Spells / Limitations / Autowiz

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/19/01

> thought goes something like this.  I would like to change ALL affect
> type spells, or spells that have duration's to be maintained.  For
> example, if you cast sanctuary on yourself, and it costs 100 mana to
> cast, each tick you will have to spend 10 mana to keep it active.  This
> goes for you, or anyone else you cast it on.

>    So I guess my questions on this would be looking for comments about
> the different ways to go about this situation.  I am mainly concerned
> about players wishing to quit the realm, be it the caster or the
> affected.  Hate to limit a person to be stuck in the realm until they
> get the spells removed, until they cancel them, etc.

        Has a (broken link) but if you can find the manadrain.patch out
there, it does everything you just asked for.  Baring the sleeping bit.
It's not for _all_ spells; you set the spell that you want to act like
that.  There was a hack to default to standard behavior if coming from
wand or staff or potion, but I don't know if it was included in that
patch.  Otherwise, it checks for a character's existance, all that, has a
way to list current draining spells, break them, etc.

>    Also, away from spells, I was wondering if there might be a way to
> set autowiz for a windows system?

        I just took the code from the util directory, and included it,
nearly directly into my standard code base.  Though, I had to make some
small changes, it allowed a very simple way to execute it.

        Though, if you'd like you can also figure out how to start up a
new windows thread and execute a seperate process.  Like fork, for unix,
only more painful and less useful.


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