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From: Cam Peter (
Date: 03/19/01

--- Lord Kyu <> wrote:
> thought goes something like this.  I would like to
> change ALL affect
> type spells, or spells that have duration's to be
> maintained.

* snip explanation of proposed system. *

>    So I guess my questions on this would be looking
> for comments about
> the different ways to go about this situation.

I imp'd a system very similar to this myself, and am
also working towards a pkill mud.  Just in case my
fingers slip and I don't catch them, I call it a leech
system.  My basic approach was to NOT remove the
existing duration system, but to add the ability in
mag_affects, etc, to add a leech value to spells.  So,
one could have duration (4 hrs), leech (10 mana/tick)
or a combination of the two (10 mana/tick for 4 hrs).

Cast spells like sanctuary, for example, were entirely
leech.  Potions/wands/staves use either duration or
duration AND leech, although the potential is there
for powerful (and presumably rare) potions that will
last as long as the quaffer can support the spell's
leech.  I had no problem with either system, as I
found that if an affect spell was powerful and in need
of balance, inflating the leech cost was an effective
way to be sure it was used sparingly.

As for the removal of the spells, I checked (as part
of affect_update, if I remember right) every tick to
see if the caster could support the leech.  If not,
the spell wore off.  Thus, if x casts sancuary on y,
and then x is killed, the leech is no longer supported
and y loses the spell.

Detrimental affects are something that I've never seen
handled terribly well on leech systems, and mine was
no different.  I work on a quitting-at-inns-only
system, and the inns are rare enough.  When a
rents, all affects are removed, including detrimental
ones like weakness and poison.  This is kind of a
cop-out, but I found it affects gameplay surprisingly
little.  Powerful detrimental affects like paralyze
prevent the afflicted from getting to the inn in the
first place, so the only time players abuse rent to
remove harmful affects is when they're affected by
things like weakness (I don't begrudge them getting
rid of that annoyance).

I hope this has been of some help, feel free to email
me off the list with any further questions.

Cam Peter

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