Re: [CODE] Setting alignment upon start

From: flawed (
Date: 03/19/01

Ok, I still havent been able to figure this out. So Ill see if I cant be a
little more specific. What I need help figuring out what to do is,
everytime a player picks an ethos, good neutral or evil, it somehow needs
to set the players alignment to either 1000, 0 or -1000.

So how would this be done?

Heres the Ethos stuff in class.c

int parse_ethos(char arg)
  arg = LOWER(arg);

  switch (arg) {
  case 'a': return ETHOS_GOOD;
  case 'b': return ETHOS_NEUTRAL;
  case 'c': return ETHOS_EVIL;
  default: return ETHOS_UNDEFINED;

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